About Graphic Recording...
Graphic Recording is a method used for visual facilitation. It describes the translation of content to an image–text combination and aims to make content more comprehensible. Although Graphic Recording itself has a rather young history, there are different approaches which use different aesthetics and come in various styles. During workshops, round table discussions, product development and other events, graphic recording offers a range of advantages:

  • better understanding of connections within content
  • easy conveyance of knowledge
  • groundwork for future processes
  • vivid evaluation of events
  • entertainment during your coffee break — everyone will remember

In a nutshell: images are easy to comprehend and to remember in comparison to mere text.

My work could also be called "live illustration" or "illustrative support". I usually transfer what is being talked about into an illustration, combined with text in order to add another layer of meaning. This is what sets my work apart from a classic transcript – my illustrations tell more than what was being said. An artistic meta-level, especially a funny one, can enhance workflows (and get everyone out of their mid-afternoon slump).

There are endless possibilties to use fast scribbles for product development or the packaging design process. During co-creation or insights workshops a sketch of a future packaging says more than a thousand words. I act as a visual voice to avoid communication problems between customers, market researchers and the company.

I offer live illustrations for different purposes in various formats and techniques. Sometimes a big scale is needed so everyone can watch me draw. If you need a presentation to summarize and evaluate the discussion/workshop, I will rather use a smaller format and draw silently in a corner of the room. Depending on what is needed, I draw on flip charts using ink or watercolour, smaller paper and crayons, layout markers or I draw digitally on my tablet.